Inspiration: Design Seeds

Often times when people learn that I work with flowers, the first thing they say is, “you must be good with color.” True, there’s a lot to learn in the colorful world of flora and fauna, and knowing what flowers blend well with another is a huge part of my job as a floral designer. Brides depend on floral designers for their knowledge of flower species for color, texture, and seasonality. Even if you think you’re not good with color, fear not when it comes to choosing colors for your wedding-  you’ll know when you’ve hit the right combination to set the mood for your event. If you can convey to your florist the look and feel you’d like to evoke on your special day you’re well on your way toward choosing a color scheme. Go with colors that enhance your mood, reflect your style or evoke a feeling. My favorite tool for pulling together a color scheme is Design Seeds. Color combinations are put together in such an inviting, visual feast for the eyes, it’s almost hard to stop looking! The best part of my job is taking color inspiration and turning it into life!



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