Flowers For Her Hair

Goodbye Summer, we’ll miss dancing in the sun and wearing flowers in our hair!

Here are a few bridesmaids designs we made this Summer.

The sweet headband is adorned with spray roses and fresh blackberries.

Photographed by Jonathan Bell; BellPro

Mmmm….yummy. Summer’s best!

 Next we made a head wreath fit for a goddess. The bee is the symbol of hope and is the handmaiden of the flowers. Bees collect pollen from flowers to make honey, the gold of the gods.

Photographed by Jonathan Bell; BellPro

Where would flowers be without bees?

 Photography by Jonathan Bell; BellPro Inc, Grand View-on-Hudson, NY/ Model Belinda Bell


Want to see more flowers to wear in your hair?

Check out what my colleagues from the Chapel Designers group are up to. More to come!

Holly Heider Chapple

Alluring Blooms

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